Content is your best tool to build a resilient and generative community, but it takes more than great content to achieve greatness.

Calling all publishers, editors, and content creators: If you’re creating content for a business, you are marketing. But you might be missing out on all that you can achieve if you are not content marketing. This ebook builds upon the tenets of the Content Marketing Manifesto, which separates those who achieve greatness with their content from those who just create content, no matter how “great” it may be.


Why Create Content for Your Nonprofit?

Nonprofits are confused about why they are creating content. I hear too often from associations that they create content to engage or as a member benefit. And that is missing the real goal. A business [...]

We approach a redesign first as marketers: we look at your publication’s positioning; develop a feature matrix to stack your publication against others your readers are reading; and work with you to map your stakeholders. These inform the development of a customized questionnaire going deeper than the info than you have already provided. In the case of a restructuring, we will deliver our report of recommendations in a collaborative process where your team can take the final decisions.
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Our mission is to help you get more business using your content as a marketing tool. Sometimes it takes an outside force to break the inertia of loyalty to old models of content marketing, like publications that exist in a vacuum where no ROI is identified or measured, or websites that do not yield any membership or attendance leads.