Editing and Commenting
The full version of Acrobat offers editing tools, but if a recipient does not have the full version or is using a third-party program you can still create a PDF that allows use of the editing/commenting tools. And the instructions for use can be automatically included in the message field of the e-mail with the PDF attached.

Do you know that you gain an SEO advantage by specifying keywords for a PDF document that you post online? How to do it?
Open the PDF in Acrobat, go to ‘Document Properties’ and place the PDF title and keywords there.

We know you probably know that you can use the find tool to search the content of a PDF. But have you ever wanted to only view what changed since the last version you were sent?

Open both PDFs in Adobe Acrobat and select document>compare documents.

Want to determine the page size of a PDF? Hover your cursor over the bottom, left corner of the PDF window and, voila, the page size appears.

Multiple Page Sizes
Did you know that there can be different page sizes and orientations within a PDF? Yes, there can. This is especially useful for posting a publication online where you may need to remove full page ads. You can have a spread followed by a single page, followed by a page/s of a different size, etc.