With all of the demand to engage with your content, why not consider how the very structure you chose can work harder for you.

Why do most editorial articles have the same structure? Is it bad form to abandon the journalistic style of the inverted pyramid?

Why would you, it is a clear way to present information.

Well, it is also so familiar that it becomes boring. And easy to ignore or glean.

I think copy that you can glean is an advantage and a goal.

I do too, but I think copy can be gleanable and yet surprise or entice you with it’s structure.

Like what?

Well, there’s this style we’re using now; it has an appeal like eavesdropping.

OK, what else have you got?

Ask a question, follow it with answers from five people.

I have seen that done before, but it’s an engaging format.

Infographics. A picture is a refreshing way to tell a story and can be very powerful.

I like that.

I like reading comments on blogs, One short opinion after another, the good and the bad.

Got more?

Tell a story by piecing together information from other sources.

Intriguing, but truthfully, that one I can’t visualize.

I don’t have that one completely figured out.

It’s a good start, I am seeing more possibilities in structuring my content.