How do you communicate to your team how you envision your content’s map once your editorial lineup is done. An important part of the topic idea is how much and where you plan to push it out there. And planning your content’s map needs to be determined as early as possible in order to allocate resources for rollout.

Content ideas destined for the first example below are of quite a different scope of work and import than the second:

  1. print magazine, digital magazine bonus content, video interview, live Twitter Q&A, a blog post recap, and a follow up article to include a summary of the blog post comments
  2. print magazine, digital magazine

Here are some tips about mapping your content:

  • The time to map your content is at the idea stage
  • Create a shorthand system that indicates your content’s map that is efficient and easy to communicate with your team
  • Don’t assume that your content appears in print first
  • Map where you will support and seed your content
  • Content maps should tap your own channels, social channels and don’t forget your competitors’ channels.
  • Be flexible so you can adjust to a demand for certain content, or lack thereof
  • Use the time gained by mapping your content early to create multimedia products