Pinterest, Instagram, Quora. Niche networks, so called because they are not one of the big networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, offer new channels for your audience to find you. And since new niche’s keep popping up, here is a new one for you to check out – Pinstagram! (Update: Pinstagram iPad app is now called Pictacular.)

You’ve got the content, now you just need to get it to them and what better way than going to where they are. But how to decide which network is a fit for your organization and which content is best? Here are a few tips that will help you finalize a solid content marketing plan.

Everyone knows that getting your message out there is a solid part of a brand awareness plan, but these other benefits are hardly second-place goals: audience loyalty, retention and advocacy.

Niche networks also give existing content that no longer is getting much play a vibrant opportunity for a second life. In fact, those recipes or whitepapers that are buried on your site might see much more action on Pinterest than your site could ever have attracted.

OK on to the niche networks:


  • Mobile only
  • Allows hashtags
  • Unlimited images
  • A new way for your audience to “see” you
  • Real-time view
  • Adds value to other networks, like Twitter
  • Concern: Will Facebook’s purchase of it change anything


  • Ideal for businesses with a collection of images
  • Good fit for infographics
  • Opportunity to breathe new life into existing content
  • This network is growing quickly
  • Concern: Copyright issues for pinned images need to be solved


  • Opportunity for virility
  • Get the blog-type relationship without actually writing a blog
  • Concern: It’s a quirky and off-beat network which may limit who this is a good fit for


  • Location sensitivity is great for real-time marketing
  • Ideal for any product or service that gets reviewed
  • Ideal for retail or businesses with walk-in customer base


  • Easy way to compare information from multiple sources on almost any topic
  • Growing rapidly
  • Great way to crowdsource content
  • Fast way to test content stickiness
  • Fast way to establish yourself as an expert
  • Concern: Screening out inaccurate information


Keeping this here just for posterity, but RIP Pinstagram.

Again proving that a new niche pops up everyday, here is a new one. By it’s name you can figure out that it is Instagram mated with Pinterest, or vice versa.

  • Combining the best of Pinterest and the best of Instagram
  • Utilizes the Pinterest waterfall design
  • Works well for desktops
  • Note: their app is called Pictacular (Is this a legal-related name change?)

Tip: Don’t forget that it is a necessity to rework repurposed content to fit a niche.

Which niche networks are you working with your content?