These Are The Top Things I Was Looking Forward To At #CMWorld 2012
• Tips for becoming a Content Machine, and
• How to harness creativity for driving innovative content ideas
• How to sell content marketing to the c-suite
• Bringing home actionable ideas about how to achieve more with content marketing
• Reconnecting with the content marketers that I met at #cmworld 2011

My favorite tips from CM World 2012 speakers:

Curt Porritt, MasterControl
Content created for prospects is industry specific, your company identification comes second. The content for your customers identifies your company first.

Jay Baer, Convince and Covert
Never get off the metrics train at the consumption depot, that’s only part of the story.

Amy Porterfield
It’s easier to build a thriving Facebook community if you sometimes talk about things other than your area of expertise. Be more real.

Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute, Junta42
In a new research study, conducted by the Content Marketing Institute in partnership with MarketingProfs, which surveyed 2,400 marketers in North America, Europe and the U.K., and Australia CMI Study results Ninety percent of marketers are doing content marketing in some way, using an average of 5.5 tactics.

Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner
Give away your best idea and you’ll get ten back in return, even when you expect nothing.

Deana Goldasich, Well Planned Web
Crowdsource your best stories with customer video interviews, then chunk the content down or up to create many other content assets.

Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion
‘You don’t have time to blog’ is a myth. You have to just make it a priority habit because the measurable returns easily prove its value.

Sam Sebastian, Google
16% of daily queries on Google are ones that Google has not seen before.

Jim Krukal
Writing a business book is no way to make money, write a bunch of business books is a great way.

Margot Bloomstein, Appropriate, Inc.
Use big data, just don’t be creepy.

Joe Chernov, Kinvey
Gilad de Vries, Outbrain
Naaz YarKhan, IFANCA
Rob Garner, iCrossing
Amanda Maksymiw, Lattice Engines

Moderator Joe Chernov asks a thought-provoking, unanswerable question, but the panel of four answered anyway.
Q: If you could only pick one to get your content discovered, would you choose remarkable content or a remarkable distribution strategy?

Rob and Amanda say content
Gilad and Naaz say distribution

I surprised myself when I decided to vote on distribution. Great content that is in a box in a closet isn’t useful, so not all that great. Yes, an extreme example, but it points out that your content can’t achieve greatness if it never reaches or helps your audience. That said, ask me next Tuesday and I might have an articulate argument for why I would choose content.