I am reading a children’s version of the Odyssey to my son as his bedtime story this week. War, weapons, ships, Cyclops, what’s not to love for a 5-year old boy? We learn that our hero King Odysseus is off fighting the Trojan War, while his Queen Penelope awaits his return to the kingdom of Ithaca. After twenty years of her avoiding remarriage, they are indeed happily reunited.

You know what I see? Inspiration to keep at the company blog!

Never Forget Your Goal.
Penelope never lost sight of her goal to reunite with her husband, even after twenty years. You’re goal wasn’t to change the world overnight, right?
Remind yourself of why you are blogging.

Be Faithful.
You believed in the blog enough to start it, now just keep the faith. Penelope was tempted and at times she considered giving up the wait, but she didn’t because she knew what she wanted.
Read some of your old posts and try to remember the beginning when you more keenly felt the love.

Be Creative.
Don’t fall into the trap of imitating yourself. Find out what drives your creativity, and use it to stay fresh. Queen Penelope had to find some very imaginative ways to keep her many suitors at bay over those twenty years.
Draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere to stay creative.

Give Audience to Suitors.
You’re not in the blogosphere alone and that’s a good thing. Blogs have a way of helping each other, directly and indirectly. Penelope knew that the suitors wouldn’t go away and that there were things that she could gain from them.
Give and you shall receive. 

Be Patient.
Blogging, and other content marketing efforts, are like making a diamond; slow, but the efforts yield the ultimate pay off. For twenty years, Penelope stayed faithful to her King and the belief that he would come home safely.
Revisit your goals and your successes to bolster your patience.