In a recent post we took another look at the importance of identifying your ‘why’ as a tool to affect change.  In this case, to stimulate collaboration enabling an organization to more successfully satisfy their membership’s hunger for more and better content.


We all know what content can do for an organization, including achieving top level business goals. I bet that you have even stepped up your content efforts in recent years.


  • If your content team doesn’t know their why, then they can’t identify the how.
  • If they can’t identify the how, then can’t develop specific goals.
  • If they can’t develop specific goals, then they can’t measure performance.
  • If they can’t measure performance, then they can’t improve their efficiency.
  • If they can’t improve their efficiency, then they can’t meet the demands.
  • If they can’t meet the demands then they won’t be able to get results.
  • If they can’t demonstrate results, then why have a content team?

Remember, it all starts with why. Does your team know theirs?

Create your content strategy, today.