That is a real headline that I recently came across and I gulped in air so loudly that a colleague asked if I was OK. (I am, thank you.)

Look, it has to be said: there is no simple template for a buyer persona.

Buyer personas are way too important to take it lightly.

They are your set point for all of your important marketing decisions. You are not going to have a sharp tool if it is made in one hour.

Buyer personas take time and they are worthy of it and more.

Since I sucked you in with that headline, here is where you will find the best info on buyer personas. We use their methodology. It ain’t simple. It ain’t fast. It ain’t for those who already have full-time full time jobs.

What it is though, is the flippin’ best buyer persona for the money. We can do it for you. The Buyer Persona Institute can do it for you. You can do it yourself (we recommend taking the Master Class first).

But whatever you decide, don’t get foiled by these free persona templates that can be found with a quick online search.

Before you invest money or other resources, know who you’re selling to. Know what matters to them when it comes to their decision to buy or not buy from you, what gives them pause, and what triggers an interest in services and products like yours.

Start your content marketing right

Buyer Personas are your critical start to your content strategy, to your content marketing campaigns and why they matter so much is that you have big goals for where you want to end up.

Think sprinter at the blocks, a swimmer at the starting platform. Your start matters. And it is worth a lot more than a ‘simple template‘ offers.

By Monica Bussolati