Shorter is not better when is comes to online content. Only better is better.

Better at informing, better at helping or better at entertaining. Shorter is only shorter, although, yes, better can also be shorter but better is not defined by it’s brevity.

Not sold? Wanna bet I can get you to watch a 9-minute video by the Ohio State Marching Band, even though you might have a mountain of great shorter videos on your to-watch list? I dare you to give it a shot and not watch all of it. This is greatness in action and already 1,083,924 views one day after it was posted!

We can all learn a lesson from @TBDBITL (That’s the OSU Marching Band): better is better. So, go better (at what you do) or go home.

They have moved me to declare that I ♥ Ohio State Marching Band — and I don’t watch football and I have no affinity for video games…

Here’s another longer-than-average video that I’ll bet will keep you watching to the end that was a home run for Chipotle – McDonald’s crappy Burrito fast food chain.