Short, buzzword-free marketing tips
Q: I say if we create enough content that makes members happy we are doing well, my colleague says that our content needs to always be filling the pipeline with prospects.

A: One could argue that the same content that attracts members will also work for attracting prospective members. But there’s something very wrong with that premise: the issue is one of context.

A member has bought in to you and now you are a resource for them to navigate the benefits of membership, which includes continuing to be helpful.Context: looking for info from a known source.

The prospective member is in search of something specific to help them, they are not ready yet for learning about the benefits of membership.
Context: looking for info from the Googlesphere.

However, there will come  time when their behaviors with your site content will indicate that they are ready to learn about the benefits of membership.
Context: there is now intent to learn about joining

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By Monica Bussolati