Short, buzzword-free marketing tips
Q: We have an extremely high member retention rate, so can’t we keep doing similar marketing?

A: Congrats on the good results. If all the other factors stay the same, your marketing will continue to perform the same. But we know that ‘all other factors’ are changing. Constantly. So the way I see it you can evolve proactively or you can evolve under pressure at a later date.

By the time you are able to measure that your approach is under-performing, it might be too late to adjust in a thoughtful way. Instead you might be rushing to patch holes in your boat. Sure it might not be that dire, but it also might be.

Bottom line: your marketing will evolve one way or the other . If you’re marketing for the best interests of your organization, which will outlast your tenure, then you should be purposeful about evolving your marketing strategy and approach.

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By Monica Bussolati