Everyone knows that if they are creating content, they need a content strategy and yet in a study we conducted last year on Association Content Marketing Readiness the bad news was that only one in four associations reported having a content strategy.

The really bad news, however, is that after speaking with a couple of the respondents who said they have an organization-wide content strategy, we discovered that most were confusing a strategy of using content as a marketing tool or having content assets with having a content strategy.


There are things getting in the way of developing and adhering to a content strategy. Especially for associations.

Here’s our Top 10 list of the barriers to developing a content strategy:

10. Inertia (We’re already creating great content, what do we need a content strategy for?)

9. Budget hasn’t been allocated for developing a content strategy

8. It is not well understood what the value is of having a content strategy

7. Technology is not being employed to inform or facilitate engaging through your content

6. Content creators don’t see themselves as marketers

5. Using content to market is confused with having a content strategy

4. Having content assets is confused with having a content strategy

3. It is not well understood what a content strategy really is

2. It takes silo busting to create one and use one

1. It’s nobody’s job

What have we missed?