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Marketing Answers Series — No. 007

Short, buzzword-free marketing tips
Q: We have an extremely high member retention rate, so can’t we keep doing similar marketing?

A: Congrats on the good results. If all the other factors stay the same, your marketing will continue to perform the same. But we know that ‘all other factors’ are changing. Constantly. So the way I see […]

Assists and Content Marketing Success

I received an enewsletter from the terrific team at The Sales Lion, a new blog post was live on their site. But this is that weird week with just a few days before 2015 hits and I […]

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3 Things That Don’t Matter in Association Websites

You know those rotating images… sliders, carousels, rotators, by any name they are useless. They are #1 on Things That Don’t Matter. Except in one way. […]

Measuring member engagement all the way to the buy?

I was enjoying a listserv thread about membership analytics. One person posted some pretty interesting stuff about their methodology to define and measure member engagement. It seemed like a robust process. I was intrigued. […]

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Marketing Answers Series — No. 005

Short, buzzword-free marketing tips
Q: I am reading a lot about marketing automation. My email marketing platform says that their service can do that for me. Is that true?

A: An email marketing platform can automate your email marketing. But it can’t automate your marketing on your website where it really can work wonders.

Marketing automation is simply […]

Association Email Marketing Best Practices

Measuring email open/ctr rates is like counting door opens at a retailer. The data matters, but not on its own. You need more data about the path to the cash register at the retailer. And it is no different in your marketing.


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Marketing Answers Series — No. 004

Short, buzzword-free marketing tips
Q: I say if we create enough content that makes members happy we are doing well, my colleague says that our content needs to always be filling the pipeline with prospects.

A: One could argue that the same content that attracts members will also work for attracting prospective members. But there’s something very […]

Marketing Answers Series — No. 003

Short, buzzword-free marketing tips
Q: We create pretty good member content, but how can we connect the dots?

A: We like to be buzz-free here but a phrase like “connect the dots” tells me that you know you need something but you don’t know how to pinpoint it. I’m guessing that you need to measure to prove that you create pretty […]

One Association’s Journey That Led to Zero in on a Content Strategy

There were more than a few challenges, but perhaps what no one knew was that one solution was going to make a dent in all of them.

Silos. Resistance to change. Things being done the same way without questioning. Roles aligned with old processes. Same for team structure. Content redundancies. Lack of guidance about what should […]