Marketing Answers Series — No. 002

Short, buzzword-free marketing tips Q: Will doing a buyer persona study or buyer research improve our content marketing? A: Good audience research will deliver profound and useful insights. We think it’s a valuable use of resources – that’s why we provide this kind of research, known as Buyer Persona research, and why we follow the methodology of the Buyer Persona [...]

Marketing Answers Series — No. 001

Short, buzzword-free marketing tips Q: I want to get better results from our association content marketing. Should I start with a content audit? A: Likely not. To get better results you need to be able to measure your efforts and outcomes. The wording of your question suggests that you’re not able to measure what you need from your [...]

Native Advertising, Sponsored Content is Good For Associations

And, more importantly…  good for association audiences. I replied today on ASAE’s Collaborate to a poster seeking information about sponsored content. Included in her post is this: “I’d be interested to know if anyone has used this model, and possible member reaction or how successful it was.” The “possible member reaction” belies a concern that [...]

Content Marketing Thinking Drives Results For Associations

Content marketing is an everyday effort that we know benefits the audience, but also delivers many benefits to the business itself, like deeper audience engagement than traditional outbound marketing ever offered and also as an internal culture influencer. A business that gives and helps, as content marketers do, must have a keen understanding of their [...]

How to Get Your Association Content to Perform

Certainly creating great content is key, but alone it is not enough. It comes down to what you need to be doing before, during and after you create your content. BEFORE you create content you need a content strategy and you need to know your audience.  Before: Content strategy. Creating a content strategy, among other [...]

Association Content Marketers: Either Become the Expert or Hire One

Really, it’s both. Associations create quite a bit of marketing. If you work at one then you might be thinking, yeah a lot… for membership, for conferences, for certifications or CEUs, for volunteer recruitment. There’s the direct mail, the brochures, the programs. The eblasts, the banner ads, the micro sites, the website, the display ads. [...]

End the Shorter Content is Better Debate: Lesson from OSU Marching Band

Shorter is not better when is comes to online content. Only better is better. Better at informing, better at helping or better at entertaining. Shorter is only shorter, although, yes, better can also be shorter but better is not defined by it's brevity. Not sold? Wanna bet I can get you to watch a 9-minute [...]

Content Strategy vs Content Marketing: A conversation

A content strategist and a content marketer walk into a bar. The result is an interesting discussion about these two disciplines and the chatter around them. Stay tuned for the full story, but I think the keywords of the conversation are interesting enough to share. business goals change management content marketing content marketing strategy content [...]

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