The Best Website Knows Your Visitors

But not all visitors are created equal, are they? Websites have come a long way since they were online brochures, but many sites are not performing any better than if they were still just that.
If you’re approaching a website design, you’re keenly aware of all of the moving parts and demands, but the main purpose […]

Looks like Information-Sharing Economy Has Associations Concerned About Keeping Pace

Associations are being brave enough to provide mountains of useful information to their members. If you are aren’t trying to go big with your content marketing, then you’re probably not feeling the pinch that associations are reporting in Association Laboratory’s Looking Forward 2014 findings. Information management is the issue of the day. But you won’t […]

What’s Wrong With Associations Today? Nothing. And Everything.

If I had to bet money on a business model that is both one to emulate and one that is in desperate need of disruption, it would be the professional association.

Many businesses today are striving to deliver the kinds of benefits to their audiences that associations excel at:

Consistently deliver useful and helpful content
Provide […]

2014: The Year That Content Marketing Will Die

Years ago, Seth Godin said ‘content marketing is the only marketing left.’ His sage observation was a only a little ahead of its time, but in 2014 the term content marketing is truly dead because now it is simply marketing. […]

Are You Prepared For Content Marketing Getting Harder?

Although I am working on a flu redux, last night I decided to throw caution to the wind and have a glass of wine with dinner. I opted for a Malbec with a screw cap; that low barrier to entry calling my name. Remember when screw caps used to signify poor quality wine? Boone’s Farm. […]

Why You Needed A Content Strategy (Yesterday)

Having a content strategy answers some big questions like ‘where to post our content’ and ‘how much content should we produce,’ ‘what kind of tone and language should we use.’ But the big compelling reason for a content strategy is to drive more business acquired from your content efforts.

More on-target content = more business for […]

What Really Matters in Your Content

Just read a terrific blog post. A unique, yet relevant, topic, fast to consume yet long enough to pack a quality punch. But, it had a typo. That misspelled word is reminding me about what matters in quality content. There’s a flurry of content out there, so shouldn’t your content be perfect, the very best […]

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Our Favorite Definition of Content Strategy

Lots of content is being produced and yet few are doing so with a formalized content strategy. Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute kicked off Content Marketing World ‘13 sharing that most companies still don’t have a formalized content strategy.

What a miss. A miss that is hard to measure the lack thereof – but it’s not […]

What #ASAE13 Wanted To Know About #ContentStrategy

I was lucky enough to have a well-attended session at ASAE13 where I was presenting about content strategy. Thanks to @StaceyBoyd for taking and posting this photo (I hope you eventually found a seat.)

One of the reasons I present is that it is a singular opportunity to have a dialog with many associations to learn […]

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