Our Favorite Definition of Content Strategy

Lots of content is being produced and yet few are doing so with a formalized content strategy. Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute kicked off Content Marketing World ‘13 sharing that most companies still don’t have a formalized content strategy.

What a miss. A miss that is hard to measure the lack thereof – but it’s not […]

Love This Simple Template For A Buyer Persona

That is a real headline that I recently came across and I gulped in air so loudly that a colleague asked if I was OK. (I am, thank you.)

Look, it has to be said: there is no simple template for a buyer persona.
Buyer personas are way too important to take it lightly.
They are your set […]

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Great Content Versus Great Content Marketing Results

It all comes down to this. There’s great content, then there’s great results from your content marketing. The former doesn’t always lead to the latter

It reminds me of the late-night-standin’-around-a-dirty-kitchen-at-a-dinner-party musings of an undiscovered great American novel, lost to us all in a drawer somewhere. My contribution to the absurd premise is that it can’t […]

How Can Content Marketing Help Acquire and Retain Members?

Organizations that have members find themselves in an endless, and, at times, costly pursuit of new members. Or renewing existing members. It’s the rollercoaster ride that never stops and rarely even slows down.

But one unique factor these days is that while the ride is staying the same, it keeps entering new territory; environments reshaped by […]

Answer These Questions About Your Buyers Or Your Content Will Be A Miss

It’s gonna be hard for you to give me what I want. For one simple reason: you haven’t asked me (your audience) what I want.

If you don’t know what I want or need, and it has changed from just six months ago, you’re not going to deliver content that is going to engage me.

Sure, you can […]

Death by (No) ROI

Two associations in two weeks. Both not measuring the ROI of their content marketing. This kills me, and it should be killing them, but it isn’t. No shame, no culpability in sharing that their web content generates no leads, their editorial content can’t be connected to any specific business goals.

Why would any business invest resources […]

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Are Associations Hesitating?

Robert Rich (@rrich) tweeted. Jamie Notter wrote a blog post and I keep thinking about their words.

I suppose it is sticking with me because my firm’s work in content/inbound marketing has me concerned with just how very desirable association audiences are to for-profit companies. ‘So targeted, so narrowly-focused,’ drools the marketer in me.

Being that desirable […]

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How Many Leads Should Your Association Content Deliver?

Associations are producing content, tons of it. Kudos, well done! The sheer volume is enviable by anyone in marketing, and it is not only quantity, it is quality. You have set the bar for tapping SMEs for continual delivery of great content.

So, are you wondering how many leads your content efforts – articles, blog posts, […]

6 Ways To Achieve Greatness With Your Content

You’ll achieve greatness with your content if:
• you have measurable goals for each content piece
• your content is created for carefully defined audience personas
• you can identify the ROI of every content effort
• your content delivers prospects for new members, attendees or donors
• your content process is efficient and effective
• you close the loop between […]