Three Ways to Stop Anonymity From Hurting Your Efforts to Engage

Lack of anonymity drives integrity. Think: drivers’ behavior. Would people still blow through stop signs or cut other drivers off if their name was posted on top of their car? Most, likely not.

Lack of anonymity can also drive engagement. Help your visitors, prospects, or even current members, clients or customers identify themselves to you. Create opportunities […]

The Difference Between Content Marketers and Publishers

Content marketers publish. Publishers content market. But they are not the same. Yet.

Content Marketers publish content, but they also:
• develop lead generation
• lead nurturing
• optimize their content
• track and measure
• innovate new content ideas to reach specific personas
• innovate new content ideas customized for niche networks
• take calculated risks
• establish success metrics and micro-goals
• curate content
• […]

Content Marketing Using Niche Networks

Pinterest, Instagram, Quora. Niche networks, so called because they are not one of the big networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, offer new channels for your audience to find you. And since new niche’s keep popping up, here is a new one for you to check out – Pinstagram! (Update: Pinstagram iPad app is now called […]

Nondues revenue ideas are closer than you think.

Associations regularly censor expert’s voices.

Like associations, there are companies who market with their content and as a result have a trove of information that could be useful to your audience. Their expertise is in a niche area and if properly packaged could be a valuable offering. But, associations don’t want to hear from them.

Associations only want their […]

Content: The Hottest Member Retention Tool Around

If you are an association content curator, perhaps part of an editorial team, behold your power. You hold one of the hottest tools to drive retention: your content!

Like any tool, it matters how you use it.

Content curation is demanding on resources, so how do you keep your content working for you, not you working for […]

4 Ways Associations and Their Magazines can Evolve

Organizations provide useful content to their members through many channels – content marketing at its best.

But what qualifies as ‘useful’ has changed in the face of the abundance of information available on the web, which is often free, and also due to the changing face of membership.

Many association magazines are received as part of the membership dues […]

Read This Before You Buy Stock Images

We all know to grab codes before buying shoes, or most anything online, but it also applies to online purchases of professional products and services. Did you know that you can use discount codes for stock photo purchases? Yep, companies like iStock or Shutterstock offer discount codes.

Before you buy online search istock discount code, or […]

Customize Your Magazine’s Twitter Background and Avatar

Don’t blend in with the default Twitter background and avatar. Consider the marketing potential, the opportunity to persuade, wow – or shock, if applicable. Some call it a background, others call it wallpaper, and certainly a wallpaper approach is possible, but I prefer to consider it your Twitter ad. Yet, another opportunity to distinguish your […]