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Are You Prepared For Content Marketing Getting Harder?

Although I am working on a flu redux, last night I decided to throw caution to the wind and have a glass of wine with dinner. I opted for a Malbec with a screw cap; that low barrier to entry calling my name. Remember when screw caps used to signify poor quality wine? Boone’s Farm. [...]

Why You Needed A Content Strategy (Yesterday)

Having a content strategy answers some big questions like 'where to post our content' and 'how much content should we produce,' 'what kind of tone and language should we use.' But the big compelling reason for a content strategy is to drive more business acquired from your content efforts. More on-target content = more business [...]

Our Favorite Definition of Content Strategy

Lots of content is being produced and yet few are doing so with a formalized content strategy. Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute kicked off Content Marketing World ‘13 sharing that most companies still don't have a formalized content strategy. What a miss. A miss that is hard to measure the lack thereof – but it's [...]

What #ASAE13 Wanted To Know About #ContentStrategy

I was lucky enough to have a well-attended session at ASAE13 where I was presenting about content strategy. Thanks to @StaceyBoyd for taking and posting this photo (I hope you eventually found a seat.) One of the reasons I present is that it is a singular opportunity to have a dialog with many associations to [...]

Great Content Versus Great Content Marketing Results

It all comes down to this. There’s great content, then there’s great results from your content marketing. The former doesn’t always lead to the latter It reminds me of the late-night-standin’-around-a-dirty-kitchen-at-a-dinner-party musings of an undiscovered great American novel, lost to us all in a drawer somewhere. My contribution to the absurd premise is that it [...]

4 Ways Associations and Their Magazines can Evolve

Organizations provide useful content to their members through many channels – content marketing at its best. But what qualifies as ‘useful’ has changed in the face of the abundance of information available on the web, which is often free, and also due to the changing face of membership. Many association magazines are received as part of the [...]

Content Managers Must “Sit” Together

In associations, editorial teams usually have their offices situated close together. Nearby might be the creative department that produces the content products, like the website or magazine. But where are the other content managers in the organization: the web, meetings or membership content teams? If your organization is like most, the layout of your offices [...]

The Structure of your Content May Lead to Higher Engagement

With all of the demand to engage with your content, why not consider how the very structure you chose can work harder for you. Why do most editorial articles have the same structure? Is it bad form to abandon the journalistic style of the inverted pyramid? Why would you, it is a clear way to present [...]

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