The Trajectory of Your Content Might Be Headed For Disaster, Unless…

Unless you have a content strategy that delivers a data-driven understanding of your customers, you are not achieving all that you can with your content.

Trajectory: the path that a moving object follows through space as a function of time. Wikipedia

A lot impacts trajectory; speed, distance, height, angle, weight of moving object, and the environment (think […]

How to Create a Content Strategy in 9 Steps

Avoid adding to the online noise by creating content that matters to your buyers. And the best way to get your content to move your audience to take a desired action is to have your content resonate with them.

“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.”
General Sun […]

Why Are You Producing Content?

In a recent post we took another look at the importance of identifying your ‘why’ as a tool to affect change.  In this case, to stimulate collaboration enabling an organization to more successfully satisfy their membership’s hunger for more and better content.


We all know what content can do for an organization, including achieving top level business goals. […]

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10 Definitions of Content Strategy

What is content strategy? These definitions come from different sources and they each see it slightly differently. Send us yours!

Content teams want a content strategy, philosophically they understand that they should have one. Understanding what a content strategy is exactly, is a place to start.

We have to start here with the de facto definition:
Planning for […]

3 Things That Can Flatten Your Association Content Strategy

So your content team has pushed and succeeded in getting budget allocated to develop a content strategy! Congrats! What a difference this is going to make in your content workload and results. You sold it up, it wasn’t easy and now you’re on your way!

But. Yeah, I hate that word too, but there is a but here. There are some […]

End the Shorter Content is Better Debate: Lesson from OSU Marching Band

Shorter is not better when is comes to online content. Only better is better.

Better at informing, better at helping or better at entertaining. Shorter is only shorter, although, yes, better can also be shorter but better is not defined by it’s brevity.

Not sold? Wanna bet I can get you to watch a 9-minute video by […]

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Lessons From Star Trek TNG: Three Steps to Ensure that You Write in Their Language

Although, I watched a few issues Of Star Trek: The Next Generation, a show from the early 90s, I didn’t watch it regularly. But, I saw one episode that I found poetic and profound. In the episode called Darmok and Jalad on The Ocean, the people called The Children of Tamar were considered incomprehensible by […]

Start by abandoning your assumptions to get to ‘The Big Idea.’

There is a rising demand for the “Big Idea.” Sometimes-allusive, but always results-delivering. The Big Idea is the move you make that generates more press for your product than ten PR firms could have accomplished. The Big Idea makes your product or service more in demand. And in some cases, The Big Idea makes your […]

Three Ways to Stop Anonymity From Hurting Your Efforts to Engage

Lack of anonymity drives integrity. Think: drivers’ behavior. Would people still blow through stop signs or cut other drivers off if their name was posted on top of their car? Most, likely not.

Lack of anonymity can also drive engagement. Help your visitors, prospects, or even current members, clients or customers identify themselves to you. Create opportunities […]