Associations, Do You Know Which Marketing Activities Are Working Best?

From a marketing-themed issue of the Harvard Business Review: when it comes to marketing “most organizations are stuck in the last century.” […]

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Why Create Content for Your Nonprofit?

Nonprofits are confused about why they are creating content. I hear too often from associations that they create content to engage or as a member benefit. And that is missing the real goal.

A business of any kind – whether a non profit, a software company, or even a hospital – creates content for one reason. […]

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One Easy (and Overlooked) Way to Get Content Marketing Results

Q: What is the least expensive original content for you to deliver?
A: The content that you have already created.

Many organizations that are delivering content daily – enewsletters, blogs, articles, enewsletters, Facebook posts, instagrams, tweets, etc. – yet they do not have a formalized plan for repurposing their content.

Repurposing takes a plan that starts, well, at […]

Assists and Content Marketing Success

I received an enewsletter from the terrific team at The Sales Lion, a new blog post was live on their site. But this is that weird week with just a few days before 2015 hits and I […]

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Measuring member engagement all the way to the buy?

I was enjoying a listserv thread about membership analytics. One person posted some pretty interesting stuff about their methodology to define and measure member engagement. It seemed like a robust process. I was intrigued. […]

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Association Email Marketing Best Practices

Measuring email open/ctr rates is like counting door opens at a retailer. The data matters, but not on its own. You need more data about the path to the cash register at the retailer. And it is no different in your marketing.


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Content Marketing Thinking Drives Results For Associations

Content marketing is an everyday effort that we know benefits the audience, but also delivers many benefits to the business itself, like deeper audience engagement than traditional outbound marketing ever offered and also as an internal culture influencer. A business that gives and helps, as content marketers do, must have a keen understanding of their […]

The Best Website Knows Your Visitors

But not all visitors are created equal, are they? Websites have come a long way since they were online brochures, but many sites are not performing any better than if they were still just that.
If you’re approaching a website design, you’re keenly aware of all of the moving parts and demands, but the main purpose […]

Why You Needed A Content Strategy (Yesterday)

Having a content strategy answers some big questions like ‘where to post our content’ and ‘how much content should we produce,’ ‘what kind of tone and language should we use.’ But the big compelling reason for a content strategy is to drive more business acquired from your content efforts.

More on-target content = more business for […]