6 Ways To Achieve Greatness With Your Content

You’ll achieve greatness with your content if: • you have measurable goals for each content piece • your content is created for carefully defined audience personas • you can identify the ROI of every content effort • your content delivers prospects for new members, attendees or donors • your content process is efficient and effective [...]

Before New Logo or Brand, Think Content Strategy

Ten years ago, a business had many fewer opportunities to engage with their audience and therefore the few touch points they had were quite important. Resources galore were invested into taglines, logos and visual brands. While those elements are still an important part of your brand experience, the marketing machine around them needs the attention [...]

The Case for Associations Adopting World Class Content Processes

Associations now face competition from for-profit companies in ways they didn’t in the past. And the competition comes in the form of content that is capturing the attention of association audiences. Their superb content is delivered through contemporary processes that are tested and refined, with a data-driven understanding of the audience and utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. [...]

Test: Do You Really Have a Content Strategy

Last year we conducted an Association Content Marketing Readiness Survey. The bad news was that only one in four associations reported having a content strategy. The really bad news is that after speaking with a couple of the respondents who said they have an organization-wide content strategy, we discovered that most were confusing a strategy [...]

The Trajectory of Your Content Might Be Headed For Disaster, Unless…

Unless you have a content strategy that delivers a data-driven understanding of your customers, you are not achieving all that you can with your content. Trajectory: the path that a moving object follows through space as a function of time. Wikipedia A lot impacts trajectory; speed, distance, height, angle, weight of moving object, and the [...]

Content and Collaboration, Two Great Tastes…

I caught a good article recently, “The increasing importance of internal collaboration” by Jamie Notter — you probably know about him, he specializes in building stronger organizational cultures. Notter is spot on when he says, “Today’s environment requires speed, which, in turn, requires the people and departments in your organization to collaborate effectively. Friction there [...]

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