Association Editorial Process: Looks A Lot Like Content Marketing (Or It Should)

I caught an interesting post recently from a writer describing what her editors look for and why they hire her. Her list shows how a content marketing process has supplanted the editorial processes of just even a few years ago. Look at a few of the qualities she lists as desirable and beneficial to editors: [...]

3 Things That Can Flatten Your Association Content Strategy

So your content team has pushed and succeeded in getting budget allocated to develop a content strategy! Congrats! What a difference this is going to make in your content workload and results. You sold it up, it wasn't easy and now you're on your way! But. Yeah, I hate that word too, but there is a but here. There are [...]

How Habit Can Help A Digital Magazine Keep Readers Reading

Habit can powerfully differentiate digital magazine content from the mountain of information available online.Although I am a fan of (and even design) digital magazines, I still love when a new print issue of a magazine arrives in the mail. I am the type that loses track of time and when I see the spine or the [...]

How Hooked Are Your Association’s Members?

True story – A forprofit company stole the coveted position of being the leader in online education away from a well-established association in the health care space – along with the loyalty of the association’s own members. This is not an isolated incident. Associations are no longer the only game in town when it comes [...]

My Favorite Tips From CM World 2012 Speakers

These Are The Top Things I Was Looking Forward To At #CMWorld 2012 • Tips for becoming a Content Machine, and • How to harness creativity for driving innovative content ideas • How to sell content marketing to the c-suite • Bringing home actionable ideas about how to achieve more with content marketing • Reconnecting [...]

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