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Content Marketing Manifesto ebook coverCalling all publishers, editors, and content creators: If you’re creating content for a business, you are marketing. But you might be missing out on all that you can achieve with your superb content if you are not content marketing.

This ebook builds upon the tenets of the Content Marketing Manifesto, which separate those who achieve greatness with their content from those who just create content, no matter how “great” it may be.
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The Killer Tool for Choosing a Digital Magazine Provider
Choosing a digital magazine provider these days is like comparing apples with oranges, with clementines, with cuties, with ugly fruit. Here is the killer tool for choosing a digital magazine provider.
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TIP: Use Discount Codes for Stock Images
We all know to grab codes before buying shoes, or most anything online, but it also applies to online purchases of professional products and services. Did you know that you can use discount codes for stock photo purchases? Yep, companies like iStock or Shutterstock offer discount codes. Note that discount codes are also called coupon codes, promotional codes, etc. and you can find them with a quick Google search.


Map your content
Planning a content asset? Use this tool to communicate efficiently with a team about the scope of the content’s map.
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