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A characteristic feature is of the legs with relative preservation of may protect the spinal cord from exacerbation of symptoms by exercise buy cheap dilantin online medications high blood pressure, power and compensatory hypertrophy injury and temporarily reverse some of which causes ‘claudication’ of the cord purchase dilantin no prescription hb treatment. Spinal cord compression Syringomyelia Degenerative cervical disc disease needs immediate neurosurgical referral This is a rare but classical disease dilantin 100 mg with amex symptoms of appendicitis. There is progressive expansion of a spinal cord compression, especially fuid cavity in the spinal cord, probably Specifc treatment in the neck. Surgery is used in cases of can be due to: such as a Chiari malformation extrinsic compression by a disc, ¦ degeneration of interverterbral discs (elongated cerebellar tonsils protrude spondylosis or benign tumour and with extrusion of disc material into through the foramen magnum, selected cases of malignant tumour. The presentation is with a disc material or anterior cervical ¦ forward or backwards slip of central cervical cord lesion (see above), decompression and fusion with grafts vertebrae, introducing kinks into the which usually progresses slowly. High- There is often associated root disease exclude a surgically treatable cause. More indolent presentations, decompression at the foramen These present with a subacute for example a patient with numb magnum may help syringomyelia, myelopathy, especially affecting the hands and stiff legs evolving over a if there is an associated Chiari dorsal columns. Long-term rehabilitation megaloblastic anaemia and other Occasionally bihemispheric disease is discussed on page 122. Therapy, especially surgical treatment, often does not reverse existing defcits and this needs to be taken into account in deciding on the timing of treatment and in counselling the patient. The most Symptoms and signs common sites of involvement are the lumbar spine (annual Radiculopathy presents with pain, weakness, refex changes incidence of severe cases of 150 per 100 000) and cervical and sensory loss (the pattern of loss for the most spine (annual incidence of 20 per 100 000). In disc prolapse, the onset is often the most common cause is compression by displaced acute and may be related to physical exertion. Disc mechanical causes, the pain is made worse by manoeuvres protrusions are most common at C5, C6 in the neck, L5 that increase intraspinal pressure: coughing, sneezing or and S1 in the lower back, although it occurs at other levels. Spinal tenderness and restriction of movement are common but are non-specifc Acute disc as they occur in mechanical back pain without This occurs in young individuals in the absence of other radiculopathy. There may be loss of there is often a history of recent injury or straining, for function in the distribution of the nerve root. This results from herniation of the nucleus manifests as weakness of muscles innervated by that root pulposis through a rupture in the annulus fbrosis, a and alteration or loss of sensation in a dermatomal so-called ‘soft disc’. There may be wasting or fasciculation of the muscles innervated by that root with loss of refexes. Spondylosis ¦ Sensory loss or altered sensation in the distribution of the In older adults, spondylotic disease may present with affected nerve root. The In addition, upper motor neurone signs or sensory signs discs initially dehydrate, thus losing height and the disc below the level of the radiculopathy in the cervical spine annulus prolapses. This leads to osteophytic outgrowths imply compression of the spinal cord as well as the nerve on the vertebral bodies and instability of the apophyseal roots: ‘myeloradiculopathy’ (p.

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An aggressive prophylactic treatment biofeedback can reduce the severity and frequency of program may be necessary after withdrawal of analge- the headaches buy dilantin 100mg medications known to cause pill-induced esophagitis. One of the most common such headaches is caf- tic medications such as muscle relaxants (tizanidine) dilantin 100 mg visa medications overactive bladder, feine overuse purchase dilantin uk symptoms for mono, and slow tapering of caffeine is often tricyclic antidepressants, or beta blockers. Patients with ergotamine dependency have daily or almost-daily headaches alleviated only by ergotamine. Chronic daily headache in a made, a severe and protracted withdrawal headache tertiary care population: correlation between the International Head- occurs. Prophylactic medications usually are ineffec- ache Society diagnostic criteria and proposed revisions of criteria for tive while the excessive ergotamine use continues. Quality of life in chronic daily headache: from the ergotamine, institute an aggressive prophy- a study in a general population. In the posterior circulation, ischemia in- ing 24 hours and affecting cerebral blood ?ow. They are volving the brainstem is common and may cause a generally thought not to cause permanent damage to the constellation of symptoms, including ataxia, dysar- brain. Vascular events tional arteriography to provide an accurate assessment have an abrupt onset; the maximal effect is usually seen of the degree of extracranial stenosis and amount of within minutes. A focal seizure or migraine may present with and varying patterns of limb weakness. Carotid artery ischemia (ante- tion to history of trauma to look for carotid/vertebral rior circulation) can cause blindness (amaurosis fugax) dissection, transthoracic echo with bubble study to on the ipsilateral (same side) of the affected artery and look for patent foramen ovale, or hypercoagulable weakness or sensory loss on the contralateral face, panel (especially in women taking oral contraceptives arm, and leg. The most common etiologies include embolic although restoration of vision is rare. If the temporary visual loss is caused by vascular interpreted by the patient as a monocular loss of vision. Most patients with retinal ment of vision that begins in the upper ?eld of vision of migraines respond well to calcium channel blockers. Symp- Of emboli, 50% are cholesterol plaques, most often toms of optic neuritis tend to worsen with increased originating from the ipsilateral carotid bifurcation or body temperature (Uhthoff’s phenomenon). Funduscopy tion and demyelination of the optic nerve are responsi- rarely, but diagnostically, reveals a glistening yellow or ble for visual loss. Of emboli, 4% may contain ?brin clot and seem to have little effect on the degree of visual recov- originate from ulcerated vascular plaques or mural ery based on Optic Neuritis Treatment Trial data. Vascular ocular diseases causing anterior ischemic op- exclusively from cardiac valves. Temporal arteritis may cause blindness as a result of attacks of angle-closure glaucoma can present with thrombosis of the central retinal artery as a result of giant transient visual loss and should be considered espe- cell arteritis. Patients are usually older and complain of cially if patients complain of halos around lights.

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However cheap dilantin online master card symptoms uterine prolapse, these scoring systems are derived from patients on clinical trials purchase dilantin uk medicine cat herbs, and they likely perform better than do the overall population buy dilantin 100 mg amex medications 2. An international workshop designed a response criteria in order to standardize care and help clinical decision making (Table 29. Secondary to con- cerns of radiation-induced toxicity, the role of radiation has been decreasing, and current trends include response-based treatment, dose de-escalation, and withholding of radiation. Multiple chemotherapy agents show promise including temozolomide, rituximab, topotecan, and high-dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue (Table 29. Chemosensitive rescue)e patients then received intensive chemotherapy of thiotepa at 250 mg/m2/day plus busulfan at 10 mg/kg and cyclophos- phamide. J Clin Oncol 23:150715–13 Chapter 29 Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma 869 Radiation Therapy Technique Radiation Therapy for Defnitive and Salvage Treatment the target volume is the whole brain from C2 to C3 interspace and including the posterior third of the orbit. For incomplete responders to induction che- motherapy, a smaller boost volume to the gross residual tumor may be used. A head immobilization device with thermoplastic mask should be used, and radio-opaque markers should be placed at the ocular canthi. For a patient with an incomplete response to induction chemotherapy, a boost is needed to gross disease. In a patient with ocular involvement after induction chemotherapy, both eyes should be included in the field for a total dose of 36 Gy in 2 to 1. In a patient receiving radiation without chemo- therapy, 45 Gy should be given to the entire brain. Care should be taken to properly cover the anterior temporal bone and cribriform plate. The anterior field edges of the lateral beams should be coplanar to minimize divergence into the eyes. Lo Key Points ? Meningiomas are the most common benign intracranial tumor in adults and tend to be slow growing, and usually have favorable long-term prognoses. Meningiomas make up 20–30% of all intracranial tumors and are the most common intracranial tumor in adults. While most meningiomas arise sporadically, several risk factors have been implicated in the etiology of meningiomas (Table 30. Ninety percent of meningiomas occur intracranially, and the remaining 10% occur in the spine. The most common intracranial loca- tions include the following: cerebral convexity, falx cerebri/parasagittal si- nus, sphenoid wing, base of skull, and posterior fossa. Chapter 30 Meningioma 875 Pathology Meningiomas arise from arachnoid cap cells, which are the epithelial cells of the arachnoid villi. Microscopically, they have a bland, whorled appearance, with or without psammoma bodies. There are several histological variants including fibrous, transitional, clear cell, chordoid, rhabdoid, and angiomatous. Lo Routes of Spread Meningiomas spread via local extension, regional lymph nodes, and cerebro- spinal fluid.

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Narra- ple with similar injuries in the past and was able to tive reasoning is needed when clinicians want to envision this man’s situation purchase dilantin no prescription symptoms 2 year molars. The strong imagistic understand concrete events that cannot be compre- quality purchase dilantin with a visa medications hyperkalemia, to say nothing of the accuracy cheap dilantin uk medicine show, of her com- hended without relating an inner world of desire ments demonstrates more than simple memory. The image is a the relationship among motives, actions, and con- vivid and powerful portrayal of the person’s future sequences as they play out in some specific situa- life. This therapist’s ability to create vivid images of tion (Bruner 1986; Dray 1954; Ricoeur 1980, 1984). Although narrative reasoning related strictly to telling and interpreting stories. It constitutes a quite easy to misinterpret the motives and inten- form of meaning making which is pervasive in tions of others, especially if they are strangers and human activity (Bruner 1986, 1990, 1996; Carr come from unfamiliar social or cultural back- 1986; MacIntyre 1981; Nussbaum 1990; Ricoeur grounds. In recent years, narrative thinking has interpretive errors are not especially important. Narrative reasoning is necessary one cannot make a good decision about when to interpret the actions of others and to respond to give a client a splint, or figure out how to appropriately to the social context. Bruner (1986, get that client to wear it, without developing a 1996) referred to it as a capacity to ‘read other capacity to assess the beliefs, values, and concerns minds,’ that is, to make accurate inferences about of the client. Action and narrative: two dynamics of clinical reasoning 59 There are practical reasons why expert rehabili- possible to transport a patient back in time to tation professionals in particular hone their narra- younger and healthier years. The most obvious reason is tional therapists work to connect with patients that effective treatment depends upon highly moti- in order to judge which treatment goals are most vated patients. As occupational therapists often fitting and which treatment activities make most say, in therapy, patients are not ‘done to’ but are sense given the patient’s conceptions of what is asked to ‘do for themselves’. In fact, collaboration with process means that patients cannot passively yield patients is so central, it is probably more accurate their bodies to the expert to receive a cure; rather to speak of the co-construction of treatment goals they need to become highly committed partici- and activities. This presents a the power of narrative as an ongoing, largely special challenge to the professional: ‘How do I fos- tacit, reasoning process which guides action ter a high level of commitment in my patients? When practitioners con- tional therapists refer to this as ‘individualizing front patients who are incomprehensible in some treatment’. Narrative reasoning figures centrally significant way, the whole direction of treatment in those health professions – such as rehabilitation may falter. The tacit narrative reasoning which therapies – where efficacious practice requires practitioners carry into clinical encounters is likely developing a strong collaboration with clients. Without these home exercises, the In occupational therapy at least, narrative rea- therapist may explain several times, treatment will soning is not merely directed at the problem of not be successful. He will not be able to use his obtaining the cooperation of a patient during a hand.

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