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The pathophysiologic basis of fractionated and complex electrograms and the impact of recording techniques on their detection and interpretation order zoloft overnight delivery depression test for adolescent. Clinical significance of ventricular fibrillation-flutter induced by ventricular programmed stimulation discount zoloft 100mg with visa mood disorder support group long island. Considerations regarding the technique for transseptal left heart catheterization order zoloft 50 mg without prescription depression symptoms eating. Complications of diagnostic electrophysiologic studies and radiofrequency catheter ablation in patients with tachyarrhythmias: an eight-year survey of 3,966 consecutive procedures in a tertiary referral center. To perform and interpret the study correctly, one must understand certain concepts and methods, including the different types of electrogram recordings, measurement of atrioventricular (A-V) conduction intervals, activation mapping, and response to programmed electrical stimulation. Knowledge of the significance of the various responses, particularly to aggressive stimulation protocols, is mandatory before employing such responses to make clinical judgments. Although each electrophysiologic study should be tailored to answer a specific question for the individual patient, understanding the spontaneous electrophysiologic events and responses to programmed stimulation is necessary to make sound conclusions. Electrogram Recordings As discussed in Chapter 1, electrograms can be recorded as unfiltered or filtered unipolar signal or bipolar signals. When unfiltered, significant far field activity is recorded that can make it difficult to see small local unipolar signals without increasing the size of the signal so much it swamps the amplifier. Filtering the unipolar signal gives precise localization and removes far field activity but often results in a very small signal, particularly in infarcted tissue. A bipolar signal approximates the timing recorded by the filtered unipolar signal, particularly with narrow interelectrode distances (≤2 mm) and removes far field signals, but does not give the directional information of the unfiltered unipolar signal. Use of notch filters can add artifactual complexity to the signal and should not be used routinely. Measurement of Conduction Intervals The accuracy of measuring an intracardiac interval is related to the recording mode (unipolar or bipolar; see Chapter 1) and the computer screen or paper speed at which the recordings are made. Since most electrophysiologists use filtered bipolar recordings as the default mode the discussion of such measurements will be limited to results using these recordings. The accuracy of measurements made at 100 mm/sec is approximately ±5 msec, and the accuracy of measurements made at 400 mm/sec is increased to ±1 msec. To evaluate sinus node function, for which one is dealing with larger intervals (i. Routine refractory period studies require slightly faster speeds (150 to 200 mm/sec), especially if the effects of pharmacologic and/or physiologic maneuvers are being evaluated. For detailed mapping of endocardial activation, paper speeds of ≥200 mm/sec or more should be used. His Bundle Electrogram The His bundle electrogram is the most widely used intracardiac recording to assess A-V conduction because more than 90% of A-V conduction defects can be defined within the His bundle electrogram. As noted in Chapter 1, using a 5- to 10-mm bipolar recording, the His bundle deflection appears as a rapid biphasic or triphasic spike, 15 to 25 msec in duration, interposed between local atrial and ventricular electrograms. Validation of the His bundle potential can be accomplished by several methods, described below. Intraoperative measurements of the H-V interval have demonstrated that, in the absence of pre-excitation, the time from depolarization of the proximal His bundle to the onset of ventricular depolarization ranges from 35 to 55 msec.

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Genitourinary Problems During the fourth to seventh weeks of fetal development buy generic zoloft line depression symptoms beyond blue, the urogenital sinus separates from the cloaca and develops into the bladder and proximal urethra in the upper part and the distal urethra and the vestibule of the vagina in the lower part buy zoloft 50 mg online depression symptoms love. This shared embryological origin explains why both the genital tract and the lower two-thirds of the urinary tract are rich in estrogen and progesterone receptors and why the loss of estrogen at the menopause can lead to the symptoms and signs of urogenital atrophy buy generic zoloft 50 mg online postpartum depression symptoms quiz. Urogenital atrophy is a common observation in postmenopausal women, which increases with age, but the prevalence of symptomatic atrophy is unclear. In a population-based study of Australian women observed over 7 years, vaginal dryness was a complaint in 3% of premenopausal women, 4% of women in early menopause, but up to 47% of women 3 years or more into their menopause [15]. Vaginal atrophy results in loss of the normal architecture within the vaginal epithelium (Figure 60. Clinically, this manifests as vaginal dryness, itching, dyspareunia, vaginal pain, discharge, and bleeding. In part, this may be related to the increasing numbers of postmenopausal women restarting sexual activity but also because a hypoestrogenic vaginal epithelium is more susceptible to acquiring infection [18]. A midlife peak of urinary symptoms around the menopause has also been reported by numerous epidemiological studies [19–21] (Figure 60. Women with depressed mood scores are more likely to report symptoms of urinary incontinence [22]. Although loss of estrogen is not the principal cause of most urinary symptoms, there is no doubt that atrophy of the distal urinary tract and in particular the urethra and trigone can lead to troublesome symptoms. Typically, these women describe urinary frequency and dysuria in the absence of proven infection, sometimes referred to as the “urethral syndrome. Loss of estrogen also plays a role in more widespread pelvic floor dysfunction, leading to weakening of the supporting tissues and ligaments, which may already be damaged by childbirth or other traumas, thus contributing to the increased incidence of prolapse and stress urinary incontinence seen after menopause [24]. Thinning of the urethral mucosa due to atrophy probably contributes to incomplete closure of the urethra, leading to a reduction in urethral closure pressure, which may be a factor in the development of stress incontinence [25]. The term female sexual 953 dysfunction is now in widespread use based on a classification system introduced by the International Consensus Development Conference on Female Sexual Dysfunction [26]. National Health and Social Life Survey [27] reported that among 18–59-year olds, sexual dysfunction was more prevalent in women (43%) than men (31%) and that the prevalence of sexual dysfunction rose from 42% to 88% during the menopausal transition. Hormonal changes and in particular loss of estrogen may have a direct effect on sexual desire and function, but the underlying reasons behind sexual dysfunction are often multifactorial. For many women, sexual desire naturally decreases with age and the menopause may coincide with other stressful major life events. In addition, menopausal symptoms and vaginal atrophy may lead to tiredness and discomfort; there may be reduced response to sexual stimuli and more difficulty reaching orgasm. Male partners may also have reduced interest and have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. This is undoubtedly a complex area but one that does require some understanding particularly in women presenting with other genital tract problems for whom maintaining sexual function is important. Correction of physical symptoms, often with systemic or vaginal estrogens, may be sufficient in many cases to overcome the problem, but in other women, the causes are more complex and may benefit from psychosexual input.

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Recent renewed interest in the cause of the hot flush has implicated a possible role for serotonin and its receptors in the central nervous system [9] purchase 25 mg zoloft overnight delivery depression vs stress. Certain triggers can be identified such as stress 100 mg zoloft fast delivery depression symptoms vertigo, spicy foods order zoloft with visa depression test gov, alcohol, caffeine, and hot drinks although these are often very individual. Typically, hot flushes start to occur a year or two before the menopause, peaking in frequency and intensity in the first year after menopause and on average lasting for up to 5 years. However, they can continue for 20 or more years and some unfortunate individuals continue to flush all their lives [10]. For some women, they are a minor nuisance, but for others, they can be very disabling and can have a major impact on their quality of life. Flushes occurring at night can lead to night sweats, which may disrupt sleep and lead to tiredness, which in turn can affect mood, concentration, and libido. However, whether these problems are actually caused by falling estrogen levels or a secondary effect of other menopausal symptoms or due to other coexistent factors is not clear. Several longitudinal studies have not demonstrated any association between depressed mood and the menopause transition [12,13]. Women who report psychological symptoms at the menopause are more likely to have had previous psychological problems, poor health, and premenstrual problems and have current life stresses such as dependent relatives, relationship problems, and negative attitudes to aging and the menopause [14]. The menopause occurs at a time of life when there can be many other stressful events going on, and in many societies, the woman is often the lynchpin that keeps many families together. The additional physical and emotional changes that occur at the menopause can put this balance under pressure and some women will struggle to cope. In western society, the menopause is often viewed as a negative event and some women suffer with low self-esteem, which undoubtedly does not help, but in some cultures, the menopause can be associated with an increase in libido as the shackles of monthly bleeding and risk of pregnancy are finally cast off. These conditions often develop without obvious clinical manifestation in the early postmenopause but pose a significant economic burden for the future particularly with an increasingly aging population. For women who undergo a premature menopause, the prolonged time they spend without estrogen increases the risk of these conditions developing at a younger age. Osteoporosis 954 Osteoporosis is defined as “a skeletal disorder characterised by compromised bone strength predisposing to an increased risk of fracture” [28]. Bone strength is principally a reflection of bone quality and bone density (Figure 60. Osteoporosis is a major health problem for the Western world that will only worsen as the population ages. The commonest sites of osteoporotic fracture are the neck of femur, wrist, and vertebrae, but any long bone is susceptible. Osteoporosis is far more prevalent in women than men, and it is estimated that as many as 50% of women will suffer an osteoporotic fracture in their lifetime [29]. The accelerated postmenopausal loss is largely due to the loss of estrogen, which has antiresorptive actions.

The There are two major mechanisms by mechanism by which a low dose of tumor which antibodies may mediate tumor cell ly- cells sneaks through is difficult to reconcile sis buy zoloft 25mg visa depression hormone test. Finally purchase zoloft 100 mg otc depression in men, this mor cell membrane and promote attachment theory assumes that there is only qualitative of complement components ultimately creat- difference in the cancer cells and normal ing pores on tumor cell membrane discount zoloft 25mg depression era, resulting cells. In contrast, the T cells havec got direct lytic effect on tumor cells, killing tumor cells by disrupting the target mem- brane and disintegrating the nucleus. The T cell response is most important immune precise nature of the activating signal for tu- response for the control of growth of antigenic mor cell is less certain, but a variety of mol- tumor cells. There are three possibilities, how the activated macrophages bring about destruction of tumor cells. Secondly, the an- Antigen masking: Certain molecules such as titumor activity of the activated macrophag- sialomucin, which are frequently bound to es are probably mediated by lytic enzymes, the surface of the tumor cells, mask tumor reactive oxygen and nitrogen intermediates. The ability of a tumor to escape from im- Blocking factors: Soluble tumor antigens munological control may depend upon a compromise the expression of T immunity balance between the effectiveness of the by saturation of antigen-binding sites, par- immune system and a variety of factors pro- ticularly in the tumor environment, where moting escape. Antibodies and antigen- Sneaking through (tumor kinetics): Tumor cells antibody complex can block the cytotoxic- administered sufficiently in low doses develop ity of the host lymphocytes. Therefore, tumor cells may sneak through and Genetic factors: The immune response is not be recognized until growth is established. The difference in Antigenic modulation: In the presence of an- immune response to tumor antigen, shown tibody, some antigens are modulated of the by different individuals in a species is de- cell surface. Immune re- endocytosis and redistribution within the sponse (Ir) genes controls this property. A number of experimental and absence of costimulatory signals there is an- clinical approaches have been made to use ergy (immune tolerance). Some cyto- moral factors act non-specifically to impair kines act antagonistically. These adjuvants tion on tumors killing and checking the 210 Textbook of Immunology Fig. These lymphocytes vicinity of tumor cell, thus cutting the blood are known as activated tumor-infiltrating supply to tumor. A number of encouraging results have been Tumor contains lymphocytes that have in- obtained with therapy using monoclonal filtrated the site as a part of immune response. A more general monoclonal antibody to it, raised in mice, but engineered antibody therapy for B cell lymphoma is to contain human sequences has been useful based on the facts that most B cells, whether in the treatment of B cell lymphoma. Such vaccines are di- also been used to prepare tumor specific an- rected to generate immune response against any malignant cells, remaining in the body. These agents are Essay Questions delivered, specifically to tumor cells without 1.