Project Description publishes some of the best content there is on issues and ideas from the world of Jewish politics, culture and religion.

Moment was sending out enewsletters 3x per week to a list of about 5,000 subscribers. When we started to examine the performance of the enewsletter, they had recently added another 14,000. Their open rate was generally within industry benchmarks. While the CTR was very high, their site visits didn’t correlate with that stat. Effectively there was no gain in site visitors or subscribers driven by their enewsletters.

The staff resource investment was estimated at two people totaling 15 hours per week.

We developed a new enewsletter content strategy. At that time, we reduced the number of sends to 1x per week, without a single complaint or query. We did some serious housecleaning on the list – which in of itself would have improved results. The biggest ROI came from a new content strategy, which called for less curation, more blog content, more repurposing of publication content, and including select Tweets. Well, the stats speak for themselves.

Timeframe: Four months

Organic Search 15% increase
Referrals 8.6% increase
Social Media Referrals 116% increase
Email Marketing Referrals 130% increase
Direct Traffic 20% increase
Other 245% increase