Project Description

The New Israel Fund needed to articulate their purpose to their diverse audience —followers, donors, supporters, grantees, grantors, and progressive communities around the world with interests in Israel — and present it with consistent identity and language.

We developed ‘Say Yes to a Better Israel,’ a statement that coupled with their actions and words that support their belief in a strong democratic process in Israel made their identity plain to understand. The message is versatile and can be stretched for a specific issue focus by playing with the ‘Say No, Say Yes’ construct. E.g., ‘Say Yes to Democracy in Israel, Say No to [an individual or action that is obstructing tolerance in Israel).’

“The praise for our new brand is near-universal, from Jerusalem to Washington. I recommend Bussolati without hesitation or qualification to any organization, but particularly to those with complex branding needs and a history of difficulty with visibility .”  Director of Communications

services provided: identity design, content strategy, action statement, site, collateral and emarketing design