ACC Docket magazine

ACC Docket is a print magazine that remains robust and profitable, not many publications can say that these days. Why is this? The editorial team keeps it fingers on the pulse of its readership. They engage with audience on many levels and invest effort in identifying topics that will resonate. We are honored to work [...]


Wonders Brand Alignment, Content Marketing Plan and Website design

Wonders Child Care is a nonprofit with nine locations. The organization’s needs ranged from having outgrown their previous name to brand alignment and marketing. We developed new name options and identified a process for name selection that included a series of polls, a report, and, finally, trademarking. The brand work included a logo, visual identity, [...]


New Israel Fund Content Strategy

The New Israel Fund needed to articulate their purpose to their diverse audience —followers, donors, supporters, grantees, grantors, and progressive communities around the world with interests in Israel — and present it with consistent identity and language. We developed ‘Say Yes to a Better Israel,’ a statement that coupled with their actions and words that [...]


Street Scenes

Design for a series of public art performances on the streets of Washington, DC. The goal was to maintain a strong identity and yet highlight each performer with individual visual attention. A series of “marks the spot” logos were created. services provided: design, design strategy


The Secured Lender Redesign and Restructure

After a restructure and redesign, the publication was revitalized, resulting in a 15% increase in advertising revenue within the first six issues. Before then, ad sales for the Commercial Finance Association’s flagship publication, The Secured Lender, were flat and reader engagement was low. services provided: print publication redesign and restructure


Wisconsin Lawyer Restructure and Redesign Grabs an Honorable Mention at FOLIO: Ozzie

The monthly magazine for the members of the State Bar of Wisconsin has great content but finding one image to represent all of the content in any one issue is challenging. So when an image is found, it can't be eliminated because it is not an easy image to make work with cover copy. So [...]