Love This Simple Template For A Buyer Persona

That is a real headline that I recently came across and I gulped in air so loudly that a colleague asked if I was OK. (I am, thank you.)

Look, it has to be said: there is no simple template for a buyer persona.
Buyer personas are way too important to take it lightly.
They are your set […]

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Answer These Questions About Your Buyers Or Your Content Will Be A Miss

It’s gonna be hard for you to give me what I want. For one simple reason: you haven’t asked me (your audience) what I want.

If you don’t know what I want or need, and it has changed from just six months ago, you’re not going to deliver content that is going to engage me.

Sure, you can […]

Recent Google Keyword Shocker Means Buyer Personas Better Be Spot On

Many of us in content or inbound marketing are likely still reeling over the latest Google announcement. You know the one I am talking about; the one where they are going to start encrypting all keyword searches, even for those when the searcher was not signed in to Google.

Now that my stomach is back in […]