Lessons From Star Trek TNG: Three Steps to Ensure that You Write in Their Language

Although, I watched a few issues Of Star Trek: The Next Generation, a show from the early 90s, I didn’t watch it regularly. But, I saw one episode that I found poetic and profound. In the episode called Darmok and Jalad on The Ocean, the people called The Children of Tamar were considered incomprehensible by […]

Start by abandoning your assumptions to get to ‘The Big Idea.’

There is a rising demand for the “Big Idea.” Sometimes-allusive, but always results-delivering. The Big Idea is the move you make that generates more press for your product than ten PR firms could have accomplished. The Big Idea makes your product or service more in demand. And in some cases, The Big Idea makes your […]

The Difference Between Content Marketers and Publishers

Content marketers publish. Publishers content market. But they are not the same. Yet.

Content Marketers publish content, but they also:
• develop lead generation
• lead nurturing
• optimize their content
• track and measure
• innovate new content ideas to reach specific personas
• innovate new content ideas customized for niche networks
• take calculated risks
• establish success metrics and micro-goals
• curate content
• […]

Content Marketing Using Niche Networks

Pinterest, Instagram, Quora. Niche networks, so called because they are not one of the big networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, offer new channels for your audience to find you. And since new niche’s keep popping up, here is a new one for you to check out – Pinstagram! (Update: Pinstagram iPad app is now called […]

Nondues revenue ideas are closer than you think.

Associations regularly censor expert’s voices.

Like associations, there are companies who market with their content and as a result have a trove of information that could be useful to your audience. Their expertise is in a niche area and if properly packaged could be a valuable offering. But, associations don’t want to hear from them.

Associations only want their […]