9 Steps To Determine If Your Publication Needs A Redesign

Why is the ‘r-word’ being uttered, who first brought it up? Did it come from the publisher or the publication’s social media manager? Are the reasons compelling enough to look deeper into whether this is the right next step? Take this fast quiz and see what you think. (And, if the answer to a redesign […]

5 Simple Tips to Use PDFs Efficiently

Editing and Commenting
The full version of Acrobat offers editing tools, but if a recipient does not have the full version or is using a third-party program you can still create a PDF that allows use of the editing/commenting tools. And the instructions for use can be automatically included in the message field of the e-mail […]

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Customize Your Magazine’s Twitter Background and Avatar

Don’t blend in with the default Twitter background and avatar. Consider the marketing potential, the opportunity to persuade, wow – or shock, if applicable. Some call it a background, others call it wallpaper, and certainly a wallpaper approach is possible, but I prefer to consider it your Twitter ad. Yet, another opportunity to distinguish your […]

Mantras Keep Magazine Stakeholders Focused

Writing a media kit sometimes turns your attentions back to your publication and your year-round marketing needs. Here is one example of how properly defining your magazine can help your media kit perform better.


Do you have a statement of purpose? You know that short, keyword-rich* statement that says: “We” do (what) for (who) through (how) […]

The Big Idea, Not The Same Idea

As I was writing this today, I was emailing with an editor who was looking for some stats about marketing budgets to help bolster his request for a larger budget for his publication’s marketing. He had succeeded in increasing subscriptions in the past through marketing campaigns, but most of the increase was lost at renewal […]