Content Marketing Using Niche Networks

Pinterest, Instagram, Quora. Niche networks, so called because they are not one of the big networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, offer new channels for your audience to find you. And since new niche’s keep popping up, here is a new one for you to check out – Pinstagram! (Update: Pinstagram iPad app is now called […]

The Secret To Getting Your Magazine Content Seen By More People

You’re already short on time and new channels seem to keep appearing for your content. A magazine needs support of its content and social media can get your content seen by more of your members as well as start working on converting new readers. But there are still only so many hours in the day or hands […]

Mantras Keep Magazine Stakeholders Focused

Writing a media kit sometimes turns your attentions back to your publication and your year-round marketing needs. Here is one example of how properly defining your magazine can help your media kit perform better.


Do you have a statement of purpose? You know that short, keyword-rich* statement that says: “We” do (what) for (who) through (how) […]